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Meet Lori

Meet Lori Mark – a Certified life coach with a passion for empowering her clients to unlock their full potential. Despite facing numerous challenges throughout her life, including a broken home and being a single mother to three boys, Lori persevered and turned to improving herself, beginning with devouring self-help books. However, she always felt she was on a motivational roller coaster and struggled with mood swings, mild depression, and weight gain. In 2018, Lori discovered life coaching and transformed her life be learning to manage and challenge her perceptions. Today, Lori is dedicated to using her empathy, expertise, and experience to help others overcome their own obstacles and achieve their goals – whether it’s in relationships, career, or personal growth. With her proven track record of building trustworthy relationships and a range of professional experiences in retail, real estate, and volunteer coordination, Lori has the skills and know-how to coach you on any topic. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back – book a session with Lori today and unlock your full potential.

Lori Mark, Life Coach

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