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Meet Lori

Lori is a caring professional who for decades served thousands of people with diverse personalities; she has a proven track record of building trustworthy, positive relationships. Lori has worked in real estate, been a volunteer coordinator, a retail manager, a store owner, and became a certified life coach in 2019. Her desire to excel and have a greater impact with her clients is what compelled her to invest in herself and enrol in further certification training. In May 2022, she received her certification through The Life Coach School.

Lori Mark hasn’t had an easy life. She grew up in a broken home and always felt lost. In her early thirties her marriage ended, and she became a single mom to three beautiful young boys. Through the years, Lori has faced many of life’s most difficult challenges.

Lori devoured self-help books and tried hard to be a good person, mother, and employee, but always felt she was on a motivational roller coaster. On the outside her life looked pretty good, but inside she always had this feeling that somehow, she wasn’t enough. Year after year she tried to change the outcomes of her life only to be on a rinse and repeat cycle, she didn’t think she could ever change. She thought her actions, reactions and drama brain were just who she was. This led to years of ups and downs, mood swings, and mild depression, which she was treated for. She also struggled with weight gain, all of which reinforced her belief that she could never change.

All that did change in 2018 when she discovered life coaching.  

Through life coaching she discovered she wasn’t broken; she was a human with a human brain. One of her accomplishments was to set a weight loss goal of 53lbs in five months. She accomplished that goal to the day. In her words, it was ridiculously easy, having already been learning to manage and challenge her perceptions. 

What Lori discovered on her life’s journey was that she has a voice, a purpose beyond herself and a passion for sharing her gift. She has been trained by the best and can coach you on any topic you bring her. She is compassionate and has the skills and know-how to help you.

Lori Mark, Life Coach

Lori Mark photo